Thursday, September 28, 2017

Project : W210 [ Engine & Electrical - Fuel Pump & Fuel Filter ]

[ Engine & Electrical - Fuel Pump & Fuel Filter ]

Green Arrow - Fuel Filter
Purple Arrow - Fuel Pump

Good evening readers! On Tuesday I managed to asked a mechanic friend to drop by and have the crank sensor replaced.  Sadly the problem still persist when we tried to start the car.  It cranked but didn't start or start-over. 

My mechanic friend quickly pointed out to me that during our last conversation over the phone he mentioned to me it might not be the crank sensor problem but I insisted it was the crank sensor. So he did a quick test on the fuel pressure and found no pressure from the fuel pump.  Normally if you turn on the engine you will hear the fuel pump pumping.  That didn't happen so our next step is to replace the fuel pump and since the fuel filter was never replaced it is wise to have that replaced as well.

Thanks to online shopping I managed to grab those two at a decent prices. Prices shown above are inclusive of shipping but not Custom excise tax.  Now we just need to wait for the parts to arrive then we will continue with the project!

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