Friday, September 1, 2017

Project : W210 - Plans & Categories

Good evening readers!  As you know I just announced from my last post that I just acquired a Mercedes Benz E240 (W210) and I am very excited to get this project start as soon as possible.  Here are some titles you will see frequently from my blog as I have already set out how this project car will be heading. Hopefully it will be a smooth sailing project and with my estimation I hope to have this car completed before I move into my new home which will be ready in mid 2018! 

These are the five categories below:-

- Although the car is still in good working conditions it is better to have everything thoroughly checked as it will be a daily driven car.  This category will involve inspecting and servicing any engine problems that I will encounter

- I am planning to have the body fully respray to a totally different color.  A new set bodykit is a must for this car and at the same time repairing any body parts that are broken or missing.  Will also check out any W210 aftermarket accessories such as LED head & tail lamps to spice up the car!

-  This section is a no brainer, will involve upgrading to bigger wheels and also any footwork problems.

-  This will involve replacing all worn leathers and any interior electrical failure(hopefully there is non).  I am thinking of sending the whole interiors to KK, Malaysia to have it fully refurbish with a new leather interior!  This category will also repair any broken dash or door panels.  Again like the exterior, aftermarket accessories will be taken into consideration as well!

-  This is my favorite section for all the cars that I owned.  I will be removing the stock player and replacing it with something more powerful.  Speakers will all be replaced and of course a sub-woofer will be added in for that extra boom! Its quite sad many modern car no longer has DIN hole for after market I.C.E.  Many car manufacturers had joined venture with after market company for standardising their ICE with their car models. E.g Dodge has Alpine and JEEP has the Harmon/Kardon.

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