Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My Mercedes Benz E240 Is Celebrating Its 20years Old!

I was checking under the hood when I noticed an engravement done when my parent bought the car new back in 1997. That is when I just realised this car is excatly 20 years old! Time sure flies away quickly!

The engraving said "JPD/BSB BKXXXX 01/12/97". For non Bruneian reader, when we are registering our car at Land Transport Department a.k.a JPD, we have to engrave our license plate and date of registration of vehicle onto any body panel under the hood.  It is for security reason but I was told they have stop practicing this procedure.  Correct me if I am wrong.

By the way, get ready to be bombarded with tons of Project : W210 news in the coming days!  My E240 is now running fine but since the air-condition is not working  it will stay as a garage queen till I got budget to repair it. Won't be too long!

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