Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Gadgets - Battery Jumper

Here is something I bought recently at AutoPro, a compact battery jumper with air compressor!  Have to say this is one of the best investment so far for all my cars.

The battery jumper cost around BND$130.00 and if you are like me that has more then 2 cars.  Your rarely driven cars or garage queens will most likely ran out of battery juices when not driven.  This handy battery jumper is easy to carry around and jump start to at least 300amp battery.  It eliminate the need to jump start using another car especially when u have awkward garage design like my home or awkward battery location like the Porsche Boxster S.

The second features that came with this gadget is the built-in air compressor.  Again like me if u have more then 2 cars at home and only have 2 persons in the house to drive all 5 cars, chances are your tyres will deflate if not regulate regularly.  This is when the compressor comes in handy when u need to pump in the extra air to the tyres.  

Oh and it also comes with a USB power port for charging your gadget, 2 x DC12V sockets and a LED built-in torch if you require extra illumination while working on your vehicle.

The air- compressor can pump at least 260 psi of air, more then enough for any tires.  It also come with extra accessories for pumping ball or balloon.  The air compressor also comes with a small gauge to show you how much air is pumped!

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