Friday, January 19, 2018

Project : W210 - UK Parts #7 Front Bumper Baffle Plates

[ Exterior : Body - Front Bumper Baffle Plates ]

Price - BND$76.00

Another W210 body related parts that will be fitted to my Project:W210 when it goes for new paint job.  Currently I only have the original passenger side baffle plate but it has a slight damage on the side due to an accident a decade ago hence the missing driver's side baffle plate. 

So I decided to grab these used from eBay UK.  There are several sellers with these on hand,  all are different in prices and conditions. So it is good to look hard through pictures to find the best conditions used parts.  Luckily these two seller I chose provided clear pictures and descriptions of the items that they are selling and I was happy that both items are accurately mentioned and stated when arrived. The price for a new bumper baffle plate is about BND$250.00 per side. I bought these two at different prices.  One at BND$26.00 with free shipping and another at BND$50 with shipping charges. 

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