Sunday, February 18, 2018

Project : W210 - Boot Button Replaced

Good day readers!  Back to Project : W210 again.  It is going very smoothly so far and I am very happy about it.  Today we will look into installing the gear shift console.

I actually do not need the console or the window buttons.  The key button that I am in for is that "Boot" button as shown.  Project : W210 is 20 years old and that button had seen some pretty abuse when we cross border shopping to Miri. LOL.  So somewhere along the line one of my sibling broke and lost the button.  Mercedes Benz do not sell just the boot button.  It is a completed parts with the window buttons and  cost about BND$250~$300.00 brand new!  This one cost me just BND$37.00

So the first step is to just simply pull out the center console as shown above.  Then remove all the switches from the console as shown below.

Then you just unscrew and unclip the part and swap the new one in!  Simple as that.  Oh by the way the part I bought share the same part number as my car so I know it will fit perfectly.  Only problem is whether it will work or not.

And here we go.  The boot button is back in business!!!  And yes it works like a charm!!!!  One more problem eliminated!!!

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