Saturday, February 17, 2018

Project : W210 - Indicator Replacement

Here are the new tinted side indicators that I just replaced myself.  The standard indicator for W210 is white color.  For this I wanted to be a little different thats why I chose the tinted version as I think it will blend in well with the new paint job that I have plan for this car.  We will see how it goes, if I don't like it we can always go back for the white version.

The replacement took less then 2 mins for both sides.  It is very easy to work on, only tiny problem I have was the old indicator broke into many pieces while I tried to remove it~.

After installing both side indicators I went for a test run on the working condition of both side indicators.  Sadly, the connector for the bulb on the exposed old indicator no longer working.  It is an easy fix but I will leave it to the painter when I pit the car for repaint in the future.

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