Sunday, March 11, 2018

Car Spotting In Brunei - Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR34

This is a very very very old picture taken in July 2004.  You can see my yellow car and a very very handsome blue Nissan Skyline R34.  This is the GT-R I was talking about, the one and only imported R34 GT-R to ever imported in Brunei even till today.   The remaining GT-R in Brunei is either a Malaysia neighbouring car or Skyline with fake GT-R badge.  

This car is fitted with genuine aero- kit from Veilside, its called the VS-GT and this one also has the option carbon fibre Veilside spoiler.  This car has since changed a few hands and the aero-kit had been sold and retro fitted to a Nissan Stagea Autech.

This car has lots of stories behind it.  It was once a full blown drag car competing in Miri Drag Race. It was then up for sell at a used-car dealer for a mere BND70K.  I really regret not buying that car when it was available.  One main reason is because the engine still require fixing so that put me off. This particular car is currently recsiding in K.B and has changed to grey color.  It's quite sad we don't get to see this car in its old glory form....

Sorry about the grainy picture because I was using a Nokia phone and social media wasn't a thing yet.

Here is the actual VS-GT aero

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