Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Day I Sat In A.....Nissan Cube Gen.III

Finally got a chance to sit in the current Nissan CUBE Gen.III last weekend.This is not just any Nissan Cube but the Rider Autech Ver.  Comes with a full original Autech bodykit and wheels.  If you are not familiar with Autech, they are sort of like the AMG or Brabus of Nissan.  Specialise only in customizing Nissan only with full manufacturer warranty!

I have to be honest not everyone will like the CUBE just like the JUKE.  Is either you really like the car or you really hate the car looks or shape. For me I am always a fans of Nissan CUBE Gen.II & Gen.III.

This car is spacious, as spacious as my MINI Countryman.  I didn't get the chance to drive it so I cannot comment on anything but was told by the owner it is sluggish due to the CVT gearbox.  Apart from that it's good for city driving as it is very comfortable.  As this is the first CUBE Gen.III in Brunei, you can tell a lot of people have never seen this car.  One will get a lot of stare and thumbs up as said by the owner!

The car name is CUBE and yet we have circular shape design on the roof

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