Friday, March 30, 2018

My Nissan Skyline ER34 BOMEX...Throwback To 2004!

Good morning readers!  Sorry for not posting much lately as I was away for school holiday in HongKong for 2 weeks.  

Today I want to show you guys my car way back in 2004.  These pictures were taken in a mini car show at  some parking garage, I think this is at Jerudong Park carpark lot. It was a fun road trip to this event as several of my friends convoyed together to the event.  

The kit shown here is full BOMEX kit coupled with my very first ADVAN wheels, Super Generation II.  Those wheels had customised offset for my ER34!

Which one do you guys prefer?  The old BOMEX or the current DO-LUCK?  One thing for sure I missed is that cool front mount intercooler by HKS.  It has two beautiful piping bended in and out of the bumper which looks very unique.

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