Monday, April 2, 2018

Project : W210 - Key Fob Issue

The W210 is one of the earliest car model to use key fob instead of the traditional key.  I have here two version of key fobs from Mercedes Benz that belong to my W210.  The smaller key fob on the left is the newer version and the one on the right is the original version I received when bought the car new.  We actually received a pair of original key fobs when we bought the car.  Half way thru its life my family member misplaced the key fob and a replacement was replaced.  If memory recall the key fob replacement cost a whopping BND$600++ from Jati Transport Mercedes Benz.  

Today I tried to use the older key to start the car and sadly it didn't work.  The newer still work like a charm but I would prefer to have a spare on standby in case of any emergency.  So I opened the key fob to try and replace the battery only to find out something is wrong with the key fob board.

Not sure what happen here but I think the loose wiring is the main culprit here.  I have no skill on repairing this problem so we will have to put this aside first.

Another option is to order another set of key from a third party company.  Recently this kind of shop has been popping out in many countries and I found out our neighboring country, Miri, has a few shops that cater this type of needs.  I called them up and they charged about RM1200 (BND390+) for a set of new key.  It require your car to be physically there for 2 to 3 hours so they can reprogram the key to the ECU.

Don't think I want to spend so much money for just one key so we will have to wait for cheaper or other alternative.

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