Saturday, April 7, 2018

Project : W210 - Becker Radio Code Part.1

Older cars like this W210 comes with Becker player that will system lock itself when you unhook or replace the car battery.  As you can see, a warning "CODE" will be shown asking for pass code.  The car actually come with a key card that consist of 4 digit pass code.  The problem is I couldn't find them in the car nor at my parent house.  So I did some research online and was told there are several website that can actually provide you the pass code!

 In order to get the pass code a serial number is needed from the car player. So I became handy and decided to tackle this job.  So first order of the day is to find the serial number that is needed to submit for pass code.  The problem is the serial number of the player is located behind or beside the player.  So removing the player is imminent.

 To remove the Becker player I recall it needed two keys opener and thank god these keys are still inside my W210 manual or else it will be a big task to remove the Becker player.

See the two tiny hole on each sides?  Plug-in the key opener into both holes

Once the key opener is lock and secure you can just pull the player out!  Simple and Easy!

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