Thursday, April 19, 2018

Project : W210 - MP3 Casstte Player

Now that my car Becker player is in working order I decided to go a bit old skool on the music.  The CD changer in the W210 is already busted and I also didn't want to go back to using CD.  So I went online and did some searching and found this.  A MP3 cassette player!

For you millennial, this was my mp3 player back in the 80s to late 90s!  This particular version I have here is a bit different as it do two things, a cassette tape and a MP3 player.  It can hold at least 64gig of music whereas the real cassette that we have back in the days can hold around 10-12songs only!!!!

This MP3 cassette player came with all the usual buttons and a memory card slot.  Its very simple to use, just pop in the memory card and put in the cassette tape into the player!  When you not using it as a MP3 cassette tape, you can use it as a normal MP3 player on the go!

A remote control is also included

To use this first we need to charge it

And yeah it works!

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