Sunday, April 29, 2018

Project : W210 - Removing the Instrument Cluster Pt.1

My next job is to replace the instrumental cluster that I bought used from UK.  I had watched lots of D.I.Y video on Youtube and decided also to tackle this job myself to save some bucks.

 To remove the instrument cluster firstly you need only one tool, a hook!  I cut a cloth hanger into half and bent each end to a hook shape just like the picture above.

Next is to put the hook on each end of instrument cluster so that I can to pull it out of the dash as shown from the arrow below.

Blue arrow show where the hook will be hooking

Once I pulled the cluster out the only thing left to remove are just two cables connected to the cluster.  Then it's all done!  Next post I will be showing the differences of my cluster and used cluster I bought from UK!

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